DODI 5000.74 Enclosure 2: Responsibilities

1. USD(AT&L).The USD(AT&L):

a. Establishes policy and provides oversight for the acquisition of contracted services across the DoD.

b. Serves as the senior official responsible for the management of the acquisition of contracted services for or on behalf of the Defense Agencies and other DoD Components outside the Military Departments, in accordance with section 2330(a)(3) of Reference (h).

c. Serves as or designates the senior DoD decision authority for the acquisition of contracted services for Defense Agencies and other DoD components outside the Military Departments.

d. Serves as the senior DoD decision authority for any special interest acquisition as defined in Table 1.

e. May delegate decision authority to DoD Component heads, or the heads of other appropriate oversight entities, with further delegation permitted, unless otherwise provided in the delegation, to the component acquisition executive as the senior official responsible for the acquisition of contracted services.

f. Appoints DoD FDEs as the DoD-level leads for each of the service portfolio groups described in Reference (d).

2. DIRECTOR, DEFENSE PROCUREMENT AND ACQUISITION POLICY (DPAP). Under the authority, direction, and control of the USD(AT&L), the Director, DPAP:

a. Serves as the staff-level lead for Services Acquisition supporting the USD(AT&L).

b. Is responsible for all contracting and procurement policy matters for the acquisition of services in the DoD, including e-Business. DPAP executes timely amendments to the DFARS; Procedures, Guidance and Information, Reference (b), and this instruction.

c. Coordinates (as appropriate) with the FDE regarding the specific portfolio or portfolio group for the acquisition, and with the OSD Office of Small Business Programs on all proposed acquisition of services acquisition strategies.

d. Coordinates with the DoD CIO for any proposed acquisitions of IT services presented to OSD for review and approval, and with other functional leadership as appropriate.


a. In accordance with section 136 of Reference (h) and DoDD 5124.02 (Reference (m)), has oversight responsibilities over the Total Force Management policies of the DoD, which include contracted services in addition to military (active and reserve) and civilian manpower.

b. In accordance with section 129a of Reference (h), is responsible for the policies and procedures for determining the most appropriate and cost efficient mix of military, civilian, and contractor personnel to execute the DoD mission.

c. In accordance with section 2330a of Reference (h), guides the collection of data regarding functions and missions performed by contractors, the calculation of contractor full-time equivalents for direct labor, and the conduct and completion of the annual reviews of contracted services.

d. In accordance with section 2463 of Reference (h), implements guidelines and procedures pertaining to the in-sourcing of work to government performance that is being performed under contract.

e. Consistent with References (i) and (j), establishes and maintains the policies and procedures for workload alignment and manpower mix, to include criteria for identifying closely associated with inherently governmental and critical functions.

4. DIRECTOR, COST ASSESSMENT AND PROGRAM EVALUATION (CAPE). The Director, CAPE, establishes policies and procedures for conducting cost estimates and analysis for the acquisition of contracted services.

5. DOD COMPONENT HEADS. The DoD Component heads:

a. Implement the policy and procedures in this instruction within their respective Component. When necessary, waivers or requests for exceptions to the provisions of this instruction will be submitted to the USD(AT&L) or to his or her designee. Statutory requirements cannot be waived unless the statute expressly provides a procedure for the waiver of requirements.

b. Complete review of ICS in accordance with the requirements of section 2330a of Reference (h).

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