Table 11 – Information Requirements Unique to the Urgent Capability Acquisition Process

Table 11 is located in Enclosure 13 Section 5 Additional Information Requirements.


Table 11. Information Requirements Unique to the Urgent Capability Acquisition Process
Development Production
ASSESSMENT APPROACH 10 U.S.C. 2366 (Ref. (h))
10 U.S.C. 2399 (Ref. (h))

STATUTORY; only required for programs responding to urgently needed capabilities.
– For programs under Director, DOT&E oversight, combined operational and live fire test plans will be submitted to DOT&E for approval at the Development Milestone;  post-deployment assessment plans will be submitted to DOT&E for approval at the Production and Deployment Milestone. DOT&E will ensure that testing is rigorous enough to rapidly evaluate critical operational issues.
– Programs not under DOT&E oversight are approved at the Service level; the program may require a rapid and focused operational assessment and live fire testing (if applicable) prior to deploying an urgent need solution. The Acquisition Approach will identify any requirements to evaluate health, safety, or operational effectiveness, suitability, and survivability.

COURSE OF ACTION ANALYSIS   Meets the assessment requirements of Subtitle III, Title 40, United States Code (Ref. (p)) (see Table 10 in Enclosure 1).

STATUTORY, replaces and serves as the AoA. Approved by the MDA. For JUONs, JEONs, critical warfighter issues identified by the Warfighter SIG, and Secretary of Defense RAA determinations, a copy is due to the Director, JRAC, within 3 business days of MDA approval.




  SEC. 806, P.L. 107-314 (Ref. (cd))

STATUTORY. Optional request to the Secretary of Defense or Deputy Secretary of Defense for RAA. Considered as part of the development of the Acquisition Strategy. MDA approves the decision to request RAA at the Development Milestone.

Disposition Authority’s Report to the DoD Component Head     Para. 4e(5) of this enclosure

Regulatory. Based on the disposition official’s recommendation in the Disposition Analysis, the Component Head will determine and document the disposition of the initiative and process it in accordance with applicable Component and requirements authority procedures. Due within 1 year of entering the Operations and Support Phase (or earlier, if directed).

Table Notes:
1. A dot (●) in a cell indicates the specific applicability of the requirement to the life-cycle event.
2. Documentation required for the identified events will be submitted no later than 45 calendar days before the planned review.
3. While these requirements are specific to programs responding to urgent needs, they are additive to the requirements
    identified in Table 2 and Table 6 in Enclosure 1.
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