Rapid Acquisition Pathways

Acquisition professionals have multiple rapid acquisition pathways to deliver capabilities. 

Section 804 Middle Tier Acquisition

  • Field a prototype in an operational environment within 5 years
  • Field production quantities with min development within 5 years

Section 806 Weapon System Prototype

  • SAE’s most promising, innovative, and cost-effective prototypes
  • Deliver within 2 years, <$10M (or $50M w/Secretary approval)

Urgent Capability Acquisition

  • Fulfill urgent operational needs within 2 years, below ACAT I
  • JUONs, UONs, JEONs via 5000.02 Enclosure 13

Accelerated Acquisition

  • When¬†schedule dominate, aggressively tailor 5000 (see Model 4)
  • Use when technological surprise by an adversary drives risk taking

DoD will develop a culture of rapid and meaningful innovation, streamline requirements
and acquisition processes, and promote responsible risk-taking and personal initiative.

Jim Mattis

Secretary of Defense


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