Production and Deployment (P&D)

The fourth phase of the Defense Acquisition System as defined and established by DoDI 5000.02. The purpose of the Production and Deployment Phase is to produce and deliver requirements-compliant products to receiving military organizations. It begins after a successful Milestone C review. In this phase, the product is produced and fielded for use by operational units. The phase encompasses several activities and events: Low-Rate Initial Production (LRIP), Limited Deployment, Initial Operational Test and Evaluation (OT&E), and the Full Rate Production Decision or the Full Deployment Decision followed by full rate production or full deployment. In this phase, all system sustainment and support activities are initiated, and the appropriate operational authority will declare Initial Operational Capability (IOC) when the defined operational organization has been equipped and trained, and it is determined to be capable of conducting mission operations. Also, during this phase “should cost” management and other techniques will be used continuously to control and reduce cost.

Source: DODI 5000.02

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