About AiDA

AiDA is a prototype developed as part of the MITRE Innovation Program (MIP) research initiative. AiDA aims to explore how the federal acquisition environment can be transformed using digital strategies and tools. The research builds on MITRE’s project work across defense, civil, and intelligence agencies to implement innovative acquisition strategies, develop tailored acquisition models, and foster adoption of Agile development practices. AiDA was originally launched under the name ACQUIRE, but was changed in May 2017.

AiDA is the winner of the ACT-IAC Game Changer Award at the 2018 Igniting Innovation Conference

MITRE is a not-for-profit company that operates multiple federally funded research and development center (FFRDCs). Free from conflict of interest, MITRE is poised to help federal agencies uniquely tailor their acquisition policies, processes, and guidance to develop their own set of proactively tailored acquisition models. AiDA is a prototype that demonstrates the art of what’s possible when digital technology, acquisition innovation, and tailored acquisition models intersect. Ultimately, MITRE sees the primary role of the AiDA platform as that of a technology demonstrator. Its goal is to inspire federal agencies to rethink the way they acquire products and services.

AiDA capabilities will continue to evolve and new features will be added to the site. The platform will expand to include additional tailored models, digitized policies, resources, and agency-specific guidance.


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