Cost Estimation, Budget, and Affordability References

This page captures all the relevant guides, templates, research, articles, and reports on Cost Estimation, Budgeting, and Affordability.









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  1. John Sullivan

    Thank you, your list has some useful references that I was unaware of. Below is a list of cost estimating/analysis files I have compiled for occasional reference. (Not surprisingly there is substantial overlap of our lists.)

    Regards. . .John Sullivan, FAA HQ, Life-Cycle Cost Estimating Div., Washington DC

    Document Name File Type Sponsor Pub. Date
    AACE Cost Estimating Classification System (17R-97) pdf Prof. Org. (AACE) Aug-97
    AACE Cost Estimating Classification System for Process Industries (18R-97) pdf Prof. Org. (AACE) Feb-05
    COSMIC Measurement Manual (v4.0.1) pdf Prof. Org. (COSMIC) Apr-15
    DoD Cost Analysis Guidance and Procedures (5000.73) pdf Defense Jul-05
    DoD Economic Analysis for Decision-Making (7041.03) pdf Defense Sep-15
    DoD Economic Analysis Handbook pdf Defense Jan-97
    DoD Estimating Full Costs of Manpower (7041.04) pdf Defense Jul-13
    DoD Inflation and Escalation Best Practices for Cost Analysis Guide pdf Defense Apr-16
    DoD Inflation and Escalation Best Practices for Cost Analysis Handbook pdf Defense Jan-17
    DoD Inflation Handbook, 2nd Edition pdf Defense Jun-11
    DoD NASA Joint Agency Cost Schedule Risk+Uncertainty Handbook pdf Defense Mar-14
    DoD Operating and Support Cost Estimating Guide pdf Defense Oct-07
    DoD Risk, Issue, Opportunity Mgmt.Guide for Defense Acquisition Programs pdf Defense Jun-15
    DoD Work Breakdown Structures. . .(MIL-STD-881C) Word Defense Oct-11
    DOE Condition Assessment Survey (CAS) Manual Design Life pdf Energy May-98
    DOE Cost Estimating Guide pdf Energy May-11
    FAA Funding Criteria for Ops, F&E, and RE&D Accts (Order 2500.8B) pdf FAA Oct-06
    FAA Standard WBS (Ver. 5.1) Word FAA Jul-13
    GAO Cost Estimating and Assessment Guide pdf GAO Mar-09
    Guide to Computing and Reporting Life-Cycle Cost of Environmental Mgmt. Projects pdf NIST Mar-03
    ISPA Parametric Estimating Handbook pdf Prof. Org. (ICEAA) Apr-08
    NASA 1 Cost Estimating Handbook (CEH) Ver. 4.0 pdf NASA Feb-15
    NASA 2 CEH Appx. C – Methodologies pdf NASA Feb-15
    NASA 3 CEH Appx. G – Cost Risk and Uncertainty Methodologies pdf NASA Feb-15
    NASA Analytic Method for Risk Analysis pdf NASA Apr-13
    NIST Energy Price Indices and Discount Factors for LCCA pdf NIST Jun-13
    OMB A-76 CompareTableValues pdf OMB Nov-10
    OMB Capital Programming Guide (v2.0) pdf OMB Jun-06
    OMB Circ. No. A-94, Appendix C (M-17-10) pdf OMB Dec-16
    OMB Circular No. A-11, part-7 pdf OMB Jun-08
    OMB Circular No. A-76 (Revised) Useful Life and Disposal Value pdf OMB Mar-96
    OMB Circular No. A-94 pdf OMB Oct-92
    OMB Memo–Interpretation of Circular No. A-94 pdf OMB Sep-12
    OMB Memorandum M-08-13 (fringe cost factors) pdf OMB Mar-08
    Risk Management Guide for DOD Acquisition (Ver. 1.0) pdf Defense Aug-16
    Software Cost Estimation Metrics Manual for Defense Systems pdf NGO (SERC) Jan-15
    USA Construction Economic Analysis pdf Defense Aug-92
    USA Cost-Benefit Analysis Guide (ver. 3.1) pdf Defense Apr-13
    USACE Using Performance Metrics for Making Facility Investment Decisions pdf Defense Jun-15
    USAF Analysis of Alternatives Handbook pdf Defense Jun-13
    USAF Business Case Analysis (Instruction 65-509) pdf Defense Sep-08
    USAF Business Case Analysis Procedures (Manual 65-510) pdf Defense Sep-08
    USAF Cost Risk and Uncertainty Analysis Handbook pdf Defense Apr-07
    USAF Economic Analysis (Instruction 65-501) pdf Defense Aug-11
    USAF Economic Analysis (Manual 65-506) pdf Defense Aug-11
    USAF Software Development Cost Estimating Guidebook pdf Defense Oct-10
    USN Cost Estimating Guide pdf Defense Jun-08
    USN Cost Estimating Handbook (NAVSEA) pdf Defense Feb-05
    USN Economic Analysis Handbook (NAVFAC Pub 442) pdf Defense Nov-13
    USN Economic Analysis Quick Start Guide pdf Defense Oct-10
    USN Economic Analysis Template Word Defense Feb-13


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