Space Acquisition News


The Space Force wants to manage acquisitions by portfolio
C4ISRNet, 4 Aug 2021

Space Force Vice Argues Value Of Embattled Analysis Center
Breaking Defense, 28 Jul 2021

Biden nominates deputy director of the NRO to lead new Space Systems Command
C4ISRNet, 14 Jul 2021

HAC Excoriates DoD Failure to Reform Space Acquisition
Breaking Defense, 13 Jul 2021

House lawmakers call out lack of progress with Space Force acquisition reforms
C4ISRNet, 13 Jul 2021

House appropriators bemoan lack of progress on space acquisition reform, leadership
Inside Defense, 9 Jul 2021

Space RCO Head: Too Soon For Single Acquisition Shop
Breaking Defense, 9 Jul 2021

Army, Navy satellite operations to consolidate under Space Force
Space News, 23 Jun 2021

Space Force Looks to Operationalize New Structure, Build Culture in 2022
Air Force Magazine, 3 Jun 2021

Scientists, Generals, Policy Experts Ponder Future Role of Space Force
Space News, 3 Jun 2021

JROC Tags Space Force To Make Satellites Link With JADC2
Breaking Defense, 3 Jun 2021

US Space Force Seeks 2,020 Civilian Acquisition Staff in 2022
DefenseOne, 28 May 2021

Air Force Research Laboratory opens new space war-fighting facility
C4ISRNet, 26 May 2021

Space Force’s First Battle Is With the US Army
DefenseOne, 20 May 2021

HAC-D Wants Space Acquisition Exec Post Filled Now
Breaking Defense, 7 May 2021

Appropriators ‘disappointed’ with management of Space Force acquisitions
SpaceNews, 7 May 2021

House Defense leader: Space Force hasn’t met expectations for speedy tech
C4ISRNet, 7 May 2021

US ‘Will Fail’ If Space Acquisition Doesn’t Reform: CSPC
Breaking Defense, 4 May 2021

Space Force, Guard Closer on ‘Two-component’ Construct for the New Service
Air Force Magazine, 4 May 2021

Space Force pushing procurement reforms but culture change is a slow go
Space News, 21 Apr 2021

An announcement on which Army, Navy units will move to the Space Force
C4ISRNet, 21 Apr 2021

SMC Revamp Sidesteps Hill’s Space Acquisition Worries
Breaking Defense, 9 Apr 2021

Space Systems Command to deliver swift, responsive space capabilities
Space Force, 8 Apr 2021

USSF Unveils Space Systems Command’s Structure
Air Force Magazine, 8 Apr 2021

Space Force unveils plans for Space Systems Command
C4ISRNet, 8 Apr 2021

Key Initiatives

Pentagon Poised To Unveil, Demonstrate Classified Space Weapon
Breaking Defense, 20 Aug 2021

Commercial Services

DIU’s Butow Pushes Space Force Case On ‘Tactical ISR’ Mission
Breaking Defense, 4 Aug 2021

Military building an appetite for commercial space services
Space News, 25 Jun 2021

Analysis: China, Europe pulling ahead of U.S. in commercial satellite imaging
Space News, 17 Jun 2021

Space Force will set up office for commercial services, including SATCOM, satellite imagery
C4ISR Net, 3 Jun 2021

DOD to Flex CSO Fast-Track Buying Powers for Consulting Services
Bloomberg Government, 21 Apr 2021

Space Force wants to introduce commercial capabilities to all mission areas
16 Apr 2021

Space Force Will Boost Reliance On Commercial Sats: Gen. Raymond
Breaking Defense, 2 Dec 2020

Space Safari/TacRL-2

Space Force successfully launches first tactically responsive launch mission
Space Force, 13 Jun 2021

Northrop Grumman’s Pegasus rocket launches U.S. Space Force mission
Space News, 13 Jun 2021

Space Force to launch ‘space domain awareness’ satellite on Pegasus rocket
Space News, 10 Jun 2021

Rocket Cargo Vanguard

Department of the Air Force announces fourth Vanguard program
Space Force, 4 Jun 2021

Now boarding: Space Force wants to turn launch ranges into rocket ‘airports’
Air Force Times, 4 Jun 2021

Using commercial rockets to deliver supplies not as far-fetched as it sounds
Space News, 4 Jun 2021

Can Rockets Deliver Supplies to War Zones? Space Force, Air Force Aim to Find Out
DefenseOne, 4 Jun 2021

FY22 Budget

Analysis: DoD space budget ‘clear winner’ in 2022 proposal
SpaceNews, 10 Jun 2021

Space Force Wants Extra $$ To Speed Deep Space Ops
Breaking Defense, 4 Jun 2021

Space Force’s 2022 Budget Adds Satellites, Warfighting Center, Guardians
Air Force Magazine, 29 May 2021

Roth, Brown, Raymond present Air & Space Forces priorities to Congress
Space Force, 7 May 2021

Digital Vision

Space Force unveils its ‘vision for a digital service’
Space Force, 6 May 2021

Space Force Digital Vision Focuses On Speedy Decisions
Breaking Defense, 6 May 2021

Other Initiatives

DAF Will Devote Office to Digital Engineering as Advances Gain Steam
Air Force Magazine, 13 May 2021

Space Force Looks to Boost Cyber Defenses of Satellites with Acquisition Reorg
Air Force Magazine, 10 May 2021

Space Force, SPACECOM Working on New Strategy to Fight Overclassification
Air Force Magazine, 3 May 2021


Space Force eyes solar-powered vehicles for operations near the moon
Space News, 30 Jul 2021

Space Force sees ‘advantages and opportunities’ in nuclear-powered space missions
Space News, 28 Jul 2021

NRO wants a more distributed architecture
C4ISRNet, 21 Jul 2021

Air Force satellite completes two-year experiment to study the medium Earth orbit environment
Space News, 19 Jul 2021

A New Platform Aims to Make Small Satellites Plug-and-Play
Aerospace Corp, 16 Jul 2021

Space Force, DoD agencies planning multi-orbit sensor network to track hypersonic missiles
SpaceNews, 21 Jun 2021

Lawmakers question Space Force technology investments
SpaceNews, 16 Jun 2021

Space Force wants to use directed-energy systems for space superiority
C4ISRNet, 16 Jun 2021

Multibeam antenna to improve communication passes first Air Force trials
C4ISRNet, 4 Jun 2021

Space Force to increase spending on technologies to turn data into knowledge
Space News, 17 May 2021

Space Force looking to deploy radar satellites to track ground moving targets
Space News, 12 May 2021

Raymond Unveils Classified Target Tracking Space Radar Effort
Breaking Defense, 12 May 2021

A new constellation? USSF wants to get into tactical satellite imagery business
C4ISRNet, 12 May 2021

U.S. military’s appetite for information fueling demand for space technology
Space News, 25 Apr 2021

SDA wants to update the standard for its orbital mesh network
C4ISRNet, 21 Apr 2021

Pentagon Looks to Tap 5G in Space
DefenseOne, 23 Feb 2021

Space Lasers Will Revolutionize Military Communications, If They Work
DefenseOne, 18 Feb 2021


U.S. Strengthening Space Domain Awareness
National Defense Magazine, 30 Jul 2021

Space is the ‘Wild, Wild West,’ Requiring New Norms for Operating in Orbit
Air Force Magazine, 30 Apr 2021

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