Third Offset Strategy

Announced in Dec 2014, the Third Offset Strategy aims to reassert America’s military technological edge. A core component of the initiative is the formation of a Long-Range Research and Development Planning Program that will purportedly target several promising technology areas, including robotics and system autonomy, miniaturization, big data, and advanced manufacturing, while also seeking to improve the U.S. military’s collaboration with innovative private sector enterprises.


At a CNAS Event in Dec 2015, DEPSECDEF Robert Work (transcript) gave greater insight into five key points he is looking into over the next year:

  1. Autonomous “deep learning” machines and systems
  2. Human-machine collaboration, specifically the ways machines can help humans with decision-making.
  3. Assisted-human operations, or ways machines can make the human operate more effectively
  4. Advanced human-machine teaming, where a human is working with an unmanned system.
  5. Semi-autonomous weapons that are hardened to operate in an electronic warfare environment.

See video below.

At the CNAS Inaugural National Security Forum, four panelists discuss innovation in the DoD and defense community. 

  • Michèle Flournoy, CEO, CNAS
  • Jamie Morin, Director, OSD-Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation
  • Darryl Davis, President, Boeing Phantom Works
  • Ben FitzGerald, Director of the Technology and National Security Program, CNAS
  • Loren DeJonge Schulman, Leon E. Panetta Senior Fellow, CNAS

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