Train Your People

Accelerating an acquisition program often requires the team to acquire skills which are not needed on slower, more traditional acquisition programs. Fortunately, there are several opportunities to receive additional training on the topic of leadership, culture, and acceleration. In many cases these courses are offered at little to no cost, and can be completed in a few days.

As with any tool or technique, mastering acceleration requires time and practice. But a little time in the schoolhouse can go a long way to helping a team get started.

These courses range from formal academic institutions to DIY courses, depending on the program’s needs and resources. The list below provides links to a few courses and providers:

Actions You Can Take
  • Encourage team members to sign up for additional training.
  • Arrange a group training session for the team.
  • Take a course yourself and share the lessons with the rest of the team.
  • Challenge a team member to research, develop, and deliver a course.
  • Commission a new course from one of the providers above.

Cultivate workforce talent. Recruiting, developing, and retaining a high-quality military and civilian workforce is essential for warfighting success. Cultivating a lethal, agile force requires more than just new technologies and posture changes; it depends on the ability of our warfighters and the Department workforce to integrate new capabilities, adapt warfighting approaches, and change business practices to achieve mission success. The creativity and talent of the American warfighter is our greatest enduring strength, and one we do not take for granted. See more in the National Defense Strategy.

James Mattis

Secretary of Defense in National Defense Strategy

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