Defense Innovation Articles

The Navy Should Innovate Now

John Ferrari and Bill Greenwalt
Jul 2021

Jan – Jun 2021

Winning the Future with AI

Mark Esper
Jun 2021

Bring Back the Air Force Battle Lab

Mike Benitez
May 2021

Shake Off the Pentagon's Industrial-Age Bureaucracy

Dan Ward, Matt MacGregor, Pete Modigliani
May 2021

Reward Winners or America Loses

Trae’ Stephens
Mar 2021

The Price of Success vs. the Cost of Failure

Steve Carlson, James Chew, and Frank Schirrmeister
Feb 2021

Pentagon Advisory Boards Need to Offer 10X Ideas, Not 10% Ones

Steve Blank, Raj Shah, and Joe Felter
Jan 2021

The Great Experimenter

Brian Everstine
Jan 2021

DOD Valley of Death: Closing the Two Year Gap

Matthew Steckman and Megan Milam
Jan 2021

The future of defense is in public-private partnerships

US Reps. Moulton and Banks
Jan 2021


How President-elect Biden can reinvigorate defense innovation

Trae Stephens and Steve Blank
Dec 2020

America’s military needs an innovation overhaul

David McCormaick and James Cunningham
Dec 2020

Defense Innovation is Falling Short

Christopher Zember and Peter Khooshabeh
Sep 2020

Acquisition Reform Requires Cultural Change

John Kovach and Artie Mabbett
Sep 2020


2018 and Earlier

Five New Rules for Defense Innovation

Stephen Rodriguez and Sam Zega
Sep 2015

Project Vulcan: Special Ops and the Tech Innovation

Anthony Davis, James Geurts, Adam Jay Harrison, Jawad Rachami, and Christoper Zember
Apr 2015

The Promise and Peril of Mac Thornberry's Defense Acquisition Reform

Fred Ferreira, Adam Jay Harrison, Emil Maine, John McGinn, and Stephen Rodriguez
Mar 2015

Innovation Warfare: Technology Domain Awareness and America's Military Edge

Adam Jay Harrison, Christopher Zember, and Jawad Rachami
Oct 2014

A New Defense Innovation Base

Adam Jay Harrison, Jawad Rachami, and Christopher Zember
Aug 2014

No More Solitude: How to Make DoD the Next Google

Adam Jay Harrison and Stephen Rodriguez
Aug 2014

“Special Forces” Innovation: How DARPA Attacks Problems

Regina Dugan and Kaigham Gabriel
Oct 2013

How to Build Good Stuff

Lt Col Dan Ward
Jul 2012

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