Major Defense Reports

Must read reports on transforming the defense acquisition enterprise and national security innovation base.

Ending Innovation Tourism

CSET Policy Brief
Jul 2021

Regaining the Digital Advantage

Bryan Clark and Dan Patt
Jul 2021

Countering China

Defense One
Jun 2021

Building an Agile Force

Lt Gen (ret) David Deptula, Heather Penney
May 2021

Maintaining Momentum in National Security Space

Center for the Study of the Presidency & Congress
May 2021

Myths and Realities of China's Military-Civil Fusion Strategy

Elsa Kania, Lorand Laskai, CNAS
Jan 2021


U.S. Defense Industrial Base: Can It Compete in the Next Century?

National Security Institute and Duco
Nov 2020

Future of Defense Task Force Report 2020

House Armed Services Committee
Sep 2020

Accelerate Change or Lose

General CQ Brown Jr.
Aug 2020

Analysis of the FY 2021 Defense Budget

Todd Harrison, Seamus Daniels
Aug 2020

The Defense Industrial Base of the Future

Mikhail Grinberg, CNAS
Jul 2020

Defense Acquisitions Annual Assessment 2020

Government Accountability Office
Jun 2020

Modernizing DoD Requirements

Pete Modigliani, Dan Ward, Tyler Lewis, and Wayne McGee, The MITRE Corp.
Mar 2020

Weapon System Acquisition Cost 2020

OUSD Comptroller
Feb 2020

Twin Pillars: Upholding National Security and Innovation

Samuel Brannen, Christian Haig, Katherine Schmidt, and Kathleen Hicks, CSIS
Jan 2020


The Contest for Innovation

Ronald Reagan Institute
Dec 2019

Make Good Choices, DoD

Susanna Blume and Molly Parrish
Nov 2019

Acquisition of Software-Defined Hardware-Based Adaptable Systems

Maura Rose McQuade, Andrew Hunter, Schuyler Moore, CSIS
Aug 2019

Software Is Never Done

Defense Innovation Board
May 2019

Accelerating Defense Acquisition

Pete Modigliani and Dan Ward, The MITRE Corp.
Apr 2019

Acquisition Trends 2018

Rhys McCormick, Samantha Cohen, Gregory Sanders, Andrew Hunter, CSIS
Apr 2019

2018 and Earlier

Providing for the Common Defense

National Defense Strategy Commission
Nov 2018

National Technology and Industrial Base Integration

Rhys McCormick, Samantha Cohen, Andrew Hunter, Gregory Sanders, CSIS
Mar 2018

National Defense Strategy

Jim Mattis
Jan 2018

China Technology Transfer Strategy

Michael Brown and Pavneet Singh
Jan 2018

Authority, Autonomy, and Accountability

Roger Thrasher, Eliahu Niewood, Dan Ward, and Pete Modigliani, The MITRE Corp.
Jun 2017

Future Foundry

Ben FitzGerald, Alexandra Sander, and Jacqueline Parziale, CNAS
Dec 2016

Leveraging Commercial Technology

Ben FitzGerald and Alexandra Sander, CNAS
Dec 2016

DoD Should Streamline Its Decision Making Processes

Government Accountability Office
Feb 2015

Pathway to Transformation

Jon Etherton and Arnold Punaro, NDIA
Nov 2014

Where Do We Go From Here?

Senate Compendium of Leading Experts
Oct 2014

Creative Disruption

Ben FitzGerald and Kelley Sayler, CNAS
Jun 2014

Driving in the Dark

Richard Danzig, CNAS
Oct 2011

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