SECNAVINST 5000.42 Definitions

1. Accelerated Acquisition: Overarching term utilized by the DON to encompass all initiatives (RPED or MACO, to include rapid deployment capability (RDC)) designed to resolve critical operational gaps that require resources and/or capabilities beyond those available through the GFM process and more rapidly than the traditional PPBES and DAS allow.

2. Joint Emergent Operational Need (JEON): UONs that are identified by a Combatant Command (CCMD), Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS), or Vice Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff (VCJCS) as inherently joint and impacting an anticipated contingency operation. (JP-01)

3. Joint Urgent Operational Need (JUON): UONs that are identified by a CCMD, CJCS, or VCJCS as inherently joint and impacting an ongoing contingency operation. (JP-01)

4. Maritime Accelerated Capability Office (MACO): An office designated by the AA BoD with the responsibility to execute a MACO program.

5. Maritime Accelerated Capability Office Programs (MACO Program): Acquisition programs for which schedule is a priority and for which there are known requirements and an appropriate materiel solution.

6. Rapid Acquisition: A streamlined and tightly integrated iterative approach, acting upon validated urgent or emergent capability requirements, to: conduct analysis and evaluate alternatives and identify preferred solutions; develop and approve acquisition documents; contract using all available statutory and regulatory authorities and waivers and deviations of such, appropriate to the situation; identify and minimize technical development, integration, and manufacturing risks; and rapidly produce and deliver required capabilities. (JP-01)

7. Rapid Deployment Capability (RDC): A MACO program for which a Commercial-off-the-shelf, Government-off-the-shelf, or nondevelopmental solution, or an engineering modification to an existing capability can provide a solution to an urgent need.

8. Rapid Prototyping, Experimentation and Demonstration (RPED): An approach to fast-track the development, fielding, and assessment of prototypes to: demonstrate solutions to capability needs; inform concepts of operations and requirements development; and inform acquisition and resource planning, and, if necessary, provide limited fielding until a formal program can be established and a full system acquired. RPED initiatives are not formal acquisition programs, but may be used to support urgent needs processes in cases where a suitable material solution cannot be identified through the Service’s urgent need process.

9. Urgent Operational Need (UON): Capability requirements identified as impacting an ongoing or anticipated contingency operation. If left unfulfilled, UONs result in capability gaps potentially resulting in loss of life or critical mission failure. When validated by a single Department of Defense (DoD) Component, these are known as DoD Component UONs. DoD Components, in their own terminology, may use a different name for a UON. (JP-01)

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