Understanding DoD

What DoD Buys

DoD spends $300-400 billion annually on products and services. 

What does that mean for you? There is a LOT of business opportunity!
Even a small fish in the defense marketplace ocean can generate significant income and expand to commercial and international markets.
Check out the categories below to shape your business development strategies and click the bars for additional details in each area. 

Products ($ Billions)

Services ($ Billions)

R&D ($ Billions)

Broken out by platform portfolio
  • Aircraft ($90B)
  • Electronics, Communications, and Sensors ($50B)
  • Facilities and Construction ($50B)
  • Ships and Submarines ($30B)
  • Missiles ($30B)
  • Knowledge Based Services ($30B)
  • Land Vehicles ($10B)
  • Space Systems ($10B)

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DoD Service and Agency contract obligations in FY19 were:
  • Navy ($120B)
  • Army ($95B)
  • Air Force ($76B)
  • Defense Logistics Agency ($40B)
  • Military Health ($18B)
  • Missile Defense Agency ($9B)

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DoD Critical Technology Areas

DoD has prioritized research in 14 key technology modernization areas: Advanced Computing and Software, Advanced Materials, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Autonomy, Biotechnology, Cyber, Directed Energy, Human-Machine Interfaces, Hypersonics, Integrated Network Systems-of-Systems, Integrated Sensing and Cyber, Microelectronics, Quantum Science, Renewable Energy, Space Technology, and FutureG.


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