Middle Tier Contracting


Air Force
  • Rapid acquisition activities should be executed using expedited contracting vehicles consistent with applicable authorities and streamlined acquisition procedures, wherever possible, including, but not limited to, IDIQ contracts, cooperative agreements (when authorized by statute), other transactions for research (10 USC 2371), experimental authority (10 USC 2373), and FAR Part 12 procedures (where appropriate).
  • Achieving speed is just as contingent on creative contracting as it is on creative program management. Contracting officers are encouraged to be aggressive using vehicle types, incentives and penalties to encourage timeliness and performance valued by the program. Whenever possible, contracting officers should be heavily consulted in building the acquisition strategy.
MITRE Strategy Considerations

Contracting Guiding Principles

  • Contracting is a holistic business strategy for the organization
  • Leverage existing contracts before developing new ones
  • Engage contracting as partners to achieve mission objectives
  • Government – contractor relationship must be a partnership to succeed
  • Government and contractors must be incentivized for speed

Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Fielding efforts under the Middle Tier of Acquisition call for contracting strategies that support short award timelines.There are multiple contracting options to chose from, and we recommend starting by exploring these:

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