Middle Tier Funding


NDAA Language

DoD Rapid Prototyping Fund

  • For acquisition programs under the rapid prototyping pathway
  • Consist of appropriated funds and those credited by section 828
  • Managed by a senior DoD official designed by AT&L
  • Shall notify the congressional defense committees of all transfers to Services for rapid prototypes
Director CAPE Implementation

Director CAPE published Implementation of Cost Data Reporting Requirements for Middle Tier Acquisition Programs on 30 Aug 18.

Cost data reporting is required for all Middle Tier Acquisition programs with estimated costs greater than $100M.

For contracts, subcontracts, and individual efforts (e.g., scope performed by Government organizations) greater than $20 million, the Program Manager must submit draft CSDR plans and draft Contract Data Requirements Lists (CDRLs) (DD Form 1423-1) or a waiver request at least 21 days prior to RFP Release.

  • The Middle Tier Acquisition statute authorizes the use of special transfer authorities and authorizes the creation of rapid prototyping funds for both the DoD and DON to facilitate program initiation and acceleration with the budget year of execution.
  • The DON will continue to work with Congress to appropriate funding to the DON Rapid Prototyping Fund in order to enable Middle Tier Acquisition.
  • Until appropriated, the DON will maximize current budget authorities to accelerate program execution.
Air Force
  • The SAE will meet periodically with SAF/FM to provide updates on rapid acquisition activities.
  • The SAF/FM will support funding for rapid acquisition activities.
    • Funding will be submitted using the normal PPBE process managed by the Air Force and DoD.
    • SAF/FM will develop a Non-Advocate Cost Assessment to support the Acquisition, and PPBE process for rapid acquisition activities where the SAE is the MDA.
    • SAF/FM will document rapid acquisition activities that may be further accelerated with additional resources on the Unfunded Requirements List (UFR) for future Reprogramming Requests. Inputs will be submitted by the SAE.
    • SAF/FM will meet periodically with the SAE to review rapid acquisition UFR entries and update on the status of reprogramming requests.
  • Funding for rapid acquisition activities must be reasonably anticipated by the expected date of commitment to enable efficient personnel and contracting actions. Projected initiation date and criteria will be documented in the ASD.
    • Rapid prototyping and fielding efforts funded using the DoD Rapid Prototyping Fund may be subject to additional DoD guidance.

Funding for rapid acquisition activities will be managed using the normal PPBE process managed by the Air Force and Department of Defense. Each PM should keep SAF/FM informed of additional schedule acceleration that is achievable should additional funding be provided. SAF/FM will handle these opportunities using the UFR process.


NOTE: Non-Advocate Cost Assessment (NACA) is an analysis of program cost / price, as well as schedule and technical risk, prepared by an organization not directly responsible for the development, acquisition, or support of the program. NACAs are designed to support the AFCS and acquisition milestone decision process, and can range from a simple sufficiency review of an existing estimate to a complete ICE. The NACA should include a cost risk/uncertainty analysis (when possible) and complete documentation.

NACAs shall be updated annually and used to support milestone decisions, PPBES formulation, source selections, program and unit cost breaches (potential Nunn-McCurdy cost breaches), and Analysis of Alternatives on programs expected to meet ACAT I thresholds.

Source: AFPD 65-5


Funding for MTA efforts will be managed using the normal Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution process.

PEOs/PMs shall use current available funding and have a funding plan to execute their program. PEOs/PMs will keep the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Plans, Programs, and Resources) (DASA(PP&R)) informed of additional schedule acceleration that is achievable should additional funding be provided. DASA(PP&R) will provide this information to the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Financial Management and Comptroller) for potential inclusion on the Unfunded Requirements (UFR) List or in future Reprogramming Requests.

In the future, a dedicated fund may be established to support MTA efforts.

MITRE Strategy Considerations
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