Middle Tier Test and Evaluation

Test and Evaluation

Air Force
  • In order to field a rapid prototype, the system must be demonstrated / tested in an operationally-relevant environment (Tier-0).
  • Wherever possible, scope and methodology for these tests should be co-developed with end users. User inputs should be documented as part of test planning.
  • Certification that sufficient user input supports classification of testing as “operationally relevant” should be approved by the MDA prior to final testing.
  • It is understood that operational conditions cannot be fully recreated in controlled tests. The PM should demonstrate that major risks (i.e., ones without technical or operational “workarounds”) will be retired by the end of testing with only moderate/minor risks (i.e., ones with work-arounds) remaining. The PM should document these as part of test planning.
MITRE Strategy Considerations
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