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New Website Demystifies DoD Acquisition for Industry

by | Sep 24, 2020 | News

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New website to help potential industry partners cut through the DoD Acquisition and Contracting maze.


Thought about selling your technology to the Department of Defense? No idea where to start?

This website helps demystify the DoD Acquisition and Contracting processes for you, especially if you’re a startup or a small business trying to figure out how to get your foot in the door. The site was designed specifically for industry and has tons of information, including candid background to help you understand why DoD is a different world from other investors you may partner with. The Demystifying DoD Acquisition and Contracting website is free to you—no subscription, no sign-ups, just use it!

The first section, Understanding DoD, addresses how the DoD and the Defense innovation ecosystem work:

  • Understanding DoD Contracting – the current culture, contracting strategies and terminology, FAR-based vs statutory agreements, cost vs fixed price agreements, colors of money, consortia, and pitch day tips.
  • What DoD Buys – products and services broken out by platform, DoD Service and Agency fiscal year contract obligations, and DoD modernization priorities.
  • Tap the Innovation Ecosystem – innovation organizations, organization classifications, and innovation organization descriptions to include technology areas, how to engage, and resources. THIS IS A MUST-BOOKMARK PAGE!
  • How DoD Is Evolving – National Defense Strategy, Acquisition reforms, contracting innovations, and technology modernization.

The second section, Getting Started, walks the newcomer through the process:

The third section, What Are You Trying to Do?, takes the reader through several most likely scenarios and where to look for entry points and help:

The fourth and last section, Key Considerations, digs into areas every potential industry partner should be aware of before devoting time and manpower to selling to the DoD:

  • Understanding Government Timelines to Award – how long it really takes for most procurements and when you’ll get that first paycheck, from need to solicitation timeline, from solicitation to negotiation/selection/award, and from award to payment.
  • Intellectual Property – why the DoD wants your IP, Government terms you need to know, strategies and tips for protecting your IP, important references, and a candid discussion of why your game-changing technology is so important in today’s world.
  • Resource Considerations – what you need to know to manage your resources and overhead, including communicating with the Government, choosing a contracts manager, understanding contract language, approving an accounting system, hiring subject matter experts, planning resources for proposal writing, and working with sensitive technology limitations.
  • Supply Chain – Defense Science Board Study, Executive Order Report, Congressional action, the CFIUS process, Information Technology Executive Order 13873, Cybersecurity, Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC), CMMC expected costs, CMMC processes and practices by level, and watch items.

This site is not a substitute for legal counsel or for your own consultant to help you navigate unique opportunities, but it does give you the basics to get you started in working with the DoD while protecting your own resources. 

Bookmark it now!


Disclaimer:  The opinions expressed here are those of the authors only and do not represent the positions of the MITRE Corporation or its sponsors.


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